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About Us

Founder Christa Brits is an entrepreneur whose interest in online marketing and networking has become her passion. Highly qualified and with many years experience, Christa boasts various diploma’s as well as an MBA through the Open University. Christa heads up Cars2buy (www.cars2buy.co.za) as well as Women and Cars (www.womenandcars.co.za ) and has recently, through Online Business and Women (Pty) Ltd, signed a Joint Venture with companies Cofesa (Pty) Ltd and IBuso (Pty) Ltd. She also has a national contract with Ford SA’ – Quality Approved Used Vehicles, managing their websites and handling lead management for them. Most recently cars2by has entered into joint venture with Surenet Pty Ltd and is doing www.replacemycar.co.ca for them. Known for her forward thinking, Christa is always looking for new ways to do business and to share information.

Female Focused

Women and Business is a platform for all those female focussed businesses out there that want to advertise their goods or services. We would like to invite and encourage all you ladies, with all your different backgrounds and businesses, to write to us. Simply tell us about your existing and/or new products and the services you offer and we’ll help you get your message out there.

Woman Sharing

Sometimes we women lag way behind our male counterparts when it comes to networking. With your help we’re about to change all that. We are inviting all those talented women out there to join with us in the sharing of knowledge. Your mentoring skills will help forge new connections and help other women to advance professionally and personally. Also in the pipeline is our new iPhone App. As soon as we have this up and running you will be able to search for almost anything you need – and if by some chance you can’t find you can contact our call centre who will assist you. So watch this space – we’ll let you know when its available. Long story short – if you have a ‘FF’ business you’re welcome to advertise with us!